We all know that we’re meant to eat healthy foods on a regular basis. Yet, the majority of us fail to do so. We eat unhealthy meals containing a wealth of fat and other nasties that are no good for our bodies. Instead of consuming healthy snacks in between meals, we go for a candy bar or a bag of chips – and that just isn’t good enough!

In this article you’re going to be educated on some basic facts about healthy eating. Learning the facts about healthy eating, may motivate you to make a change to your diet.

One fact about healthy eating that has always scared me is that the majority of us aren’t getting out 5 fruit and vegetables a day! If you’re not getting enough fruit and veg on a daily basis, you may develop serious health complications later on in life.

If you’re not consuming your 5 fruit and vegetables a day, then you need to start doing so, before it’s too late. If you find it hard to eat that much fruit and veg a day, then here are some tips to help you get your recommended daily allowance…

* I’m assuming you love spaghetti bolognaise, who doesn’t right? Well did you know that you can chop up some vegetables into your bolognaise sauce? You’ll barely know they’re there either!

* Drink plenty of fruit juices. It doesn’t matter what fruit juice, it’s all down to your personal preference. But drinking one glass of juice a day will provide you with one of your five a day!

* The majority of people don’t count potatoes towards their five a day, for some bizarre reason. Potatoes are vegetables too, you know? You can use potatoes with nearly every meal, so it’s a great way to reach your five a day. You can find thousands of healthy recipes online that contain one or two portions of your five a day, so a search engine is a great place to start if you’re struggling to think of healthy recipes.

Another fact that is quite scary is that 95% of us are consuming far too many processed foods on a daily basis. These are foods that contain added salt, sugar and nasty chemicals. These foods are everywhere, but they’re more common in ‘TV Dinners’ and other microwaved foods.

Bottom line is that, YOU need to start eating healthy foods on a regular basis.
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A healthy life is a key to happiness-more and more people are now realizing this fact. Whereas before, health was often second or third only among the priorities of many individuals, there is now a growing awareness of the importance of healthy living.

Still, despite the seemingly endless formulas being introduced today to achieve a healthy life-from different diet programs to various pills and over-the-counter health medications-there are still a lot of people who experience chronic diseases like cancer and heart problems. Plus, there seems to be an increasing number of individuals suffering from health maladies like obesity. Where does the problem lie?

The Distorted Concept About Health

One of the greatest reasons behind the health problems plaguing the world today despite the continuous clamor for a healthy living is the distorted concept that many people has created about health. Let’s take a look at three of these concepts and let’s try to correct them:

Concept 1: Weight loss equals good health. Many people think that being healthy means losing weight. This could be due to the stigma associated with too much weight and obesity, not only in terms of its health risks but as well as in terms of aesthetics. Because of this, many people believe that a healthy life only involves shedding extra pounds and getting a good body shape. Truth: Good health is overall balance. Weight loss and good body shape are only small portions of healthy living-they’re not the whole thing. Oftentimes, they are simple side effects of a healthy life. Good health involves a lot more, a development not just of the body but as well of the mind and of the other aspects of a person’s life.

Concept 2: Good health can be achieved overnight. There are diet programs and even health pills that promise good effects in a matter of a few days. Many people are attracted to these products and programs because of their claim to show results fast, only to be disappointed when their expectations are not met. Truth: Good health is best achieved with a slow but steady process. Good health is not some sort of a miracle; you can’t force it to happen at once. The key is discipline and consistency. Teach yourself to eat healthy meals. Curb your cravings for unhealthy foods. Exercise regularly. When you practice these one at a time, slowly but without fail, you’ll wake up one day living the healthy life you desire.

Concept 3: Going artificial is the easiest way to achieve good health. You’ve seen them: health pills, tablets, capsules, food additives, all promising an easier way to getting healthy. Going healthy is just a matter of taking a pill a day-no need to sweat it out. Truth: The best way to be healthy is to go raw and natural. Nothing beats eating rawfoods and natural produce like fruits and vegetables, plus exercise, to achieving good health-not any miracle pill and not the best artificial health tablet you can find because these are merely food supplements. You need to sweat it out if you really want to live healthy.

These three basic concepts about health should be your starting guide to enjoy a healthy living. After all, it all starts with the right set of mind.

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Nowadays, many children are overweight and reaching the brink of obesity. The rapid increases in the rates of obesity are at a disturbing pace which makes it a worldwide issue that should concern each and every parent. It has been said that kids are naturally attracted to junk food and sugary treats and tend to push away all that’s good for them. Hence, it is up to you parents to monitor your child’s food intake and make sure they do not consume too much calories.

Studies show that between the age of 1 till 5, kids tend to be picky eaters and only eat certain things and at certain times. Often enough, this could be difficult as your child would create a big fuss. To avoid your child from growing up overweight, there are a few ways to teach them good eating habits.

First, children are more likely to eat their vegetable if it is cooked rather than raw. Also, give them small portions of a variety of vegetables so that they see different colors and get different taste. It would be best to stick to small portions at each meal so that they don’t see too much of it. Also, put nutritious food in front of your child. Don’t worry on how much he is eating. It is the quality of the food that is important, not the quantity.

Furthermore, satisfy your child’s sweet tooth by serving nutritious fruit based desserts. You can occasionally add the delight of ice cream but not too often. Aside from that, try serving food in attractive ways like cutting vegetables in odd shapes, decorating with ketchup or herbs. Presentation matters to kids, the more attractive it is; the more likely they are to try it.

In conclusion, keep your child happy by serving foods in ways they would happily eat. During those frustrating moments at the dinner table, handle those situations with patience, a positive attitude and firmness. Don’t be aggressive or emotional.

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You can’t see it, hear it, feel it or smell it; yet it governs our lives and dictates almost our every move from when to get up to when we are asleep. It can be measured highly accurately by atomic clocks and yet time is one of the Universes most peculiar aspects.

It has only been since the work of Einstein and his special relativity at the turn of the last century that we have begun to gather an understanding at what time is. Thanks to Einstein and others that followed his work our understanding of time has led to new technologies such as computers, satellite navigation, network time servers (computer synchronisation devices) and atomic clocks.

However, the theories developed following Einstein’s work have unearthed some amazing and freakish facts about time – here are five things you perhaps didn’t know about time:

5. Time hasn’t always existed; it started at the moment of the big bang but before then there was no time (just as there was no universe). If the universe finally contracts (in what some theorists call the big crunch) and the universe returned to a single point in space (singularity) then time would come to an end (along with everything else in the universe).

4. Time is not a constant as was first thought (by Issac Newton amongst others), thank to Einstein we now know time is relative and will be vary to different observers depending on their position and speed. The faster an observer is going the more time slows down and close to the speed of light (in a vacuum which is the only constant in a universe) time will virtually stand still making a million year long journey whizz by in seconds this is know as time dilation.

3. Time isn’t an individual component of the universe it is in fact part of the very fabric of space and is intertwined in what Einstein called a four-dimensional space time.

2. Space time can be ‘warped’ by gravity which in effect slows down time that means the more gravity there is, the slower time will pass. Interestingly this has been measures to such a tiny degree by atomic clocks and means that your feet are in fact younger than the top of your head.

1. Time travel is not just a fantasy invented by science fiction writers but in fact time travel is theoretically possible according to modern physicists although critics argue our technology will never be advanced enough to achieve it, otherwise where are all the time travellers from the future?

Atomic clocks mean we can now measure time incredibly accurately (to within a second every 100 million years). Modern computer networks use NTP servers (network time protocol) to synchronize to an atomic clock which allows computers all over the world to communicate in perfect time synchronization.

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Though China now plays a vital role in the global economy, just ten years ago it was a small emerging market. It has now transformed into a geopolitical giant, but there are some things that are plain scary:

China’s GDP per capita is the 91st-lowest in the world, below Bosnia & Herzegovina.

More than 134 million people in China live on less than $ 1 a day.
China’s economy grew 7 times as fast as America’s over the past decade (316% growth vs. 43%).

If a person spent his entire Annual Income on housing, the average Beijing resident could purchase only 10 square feet of residential property (approximately the size of a small bedroom).

China has 150 percent more soldiers than America, besides having a high tech ‘kill weapon capable of destroying U.S.A. aircraft carriers. It is thought that the missile can travel at mach 10 and arrive at its maximum range of 2000km in under 12 minutes.

The new train between Shanghai and Beijing travels twice the speed of the United States fastest high speed train (150 mph vs 302 mph).

Expanding at 1,400 square miles every year, because of water source depletion, over-foresting and over-grazing, China’s huge Gobi Desert is the size of Peru.

The high levels of pollution in Linfen, named the most polluted city on earth, take a serious toll on human health, with clinics reporting ever increasing cases of bronchitis, pneumonia and lung cancer.

China grows half a billion pigs, which is more than the following 43 pork producing nations together.

There are more cell phones in China than people in the U.S.A.
In China the world’s largest shopping mall has been 99% empty since 2005.
85 percent of the world’s artificial Christmas trees are Chinese manufactured, as are 80 percent of toys of the world.

China is the source of over 77% of U.S.A.s pirated goods.
40% of small businesses in China went bankrupt during the global financial crisis.

By 2025, China will build sufficient skyscrapers to make up 10 New York-sized cities, yet China has 64 million unused homes, including whole empty cities. Build and populate later is China’s policy, as can be seen also in Las Vegas and Spain.
By 2030, China will add more new city-dwellers than the entire U.S.A. population.

Most Chinese people drink polluted water.
Around a third of all Chinese adults live in their parents’ home.

Chinese consume 50,000 cigarettes every second.
Only 75% of the Chinese population believes in the ‘one-child’policy.
The Bubonic medieval plague, which began in China in the Gobi Desert in the early 1330s and wiped out 25 million Europeans, is still found in China, along with several other nations.

China is on track to becoming the largest center of Christianity in the world with an estimated 54 million Christians in the country. China has more Christians than in the whole of Italy.

74 percent of Chinese believe in evolution, which is more than Mexico (69%), Great Britain and (68%) Argentina (68%).

Justice System:
Around 10,000 Chinese citizens disappear annually into unregistered ‘black jails’.

China carried out at least 1,718 executions in 2008, three times as many as the rest of the world, according to Amnesty International. Some analysts place the annual figure nearer 6,000. Many of the condemned are injected, as executions take place on the roadside, in specially designed vehicles.

China is the largest foreign holder of U.S. Treasury securities, holding over $ 840 billion worth.

When anyone purchases stocks on the Chinese stock market, they are basically financing China’s government. Eight of Shanghai’s top ten stocks are government owned. These include PetroChina, Bank of China, and China Life Insurance Co.

China still receives foreign aid from both the United Nations and America.
Finally, if the population of China walked past single file, it would never end.

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No matter if you are old hand or new at health and fitness education the overall amount of information can seem a bit staggering. As a beginner we are easily overwhelmed which can be exacerbated when you can’t figure out what is true and what isn’t. Experience of the writer is one of the first things you’ll notice about fitness books as many are written off the cuff based on personal experience. What your goals are weigh heavily on the approach you choose when it comes to working out. Even though you may find several versions of the same information it doesn’t necessarily mean that any particular information is absolutely wrong. Be extra careful that you are analyzing everything.

Here is an interesting partial myth, if we can say so. When you engage in aerobic exercise, your metabolism will get a terrific boost that will last for hours, maybe, beyond the actual workout. The part of this myth that is misleading is the fact that the calories do not continue to burn like you’d expect. This happens as a result of the metabolic rate not being as significant after the workout as many claim it should be. The fact is that these increases in metabolic rate are not significant enough to affect calorie burn. There is a misleading perception bordering on mythical concerning over-exertion during workouts. The thinking is that if you seem to feel all right while you are exercising, then you are not doing too much. Even if your workout isn’t a hard one you will still feel some benefits in a day or two usually. What this describes is someone who’s been inactive for a while and decides they need to hit the gym with gusto to get fit in a hurry, they often feel sore and give up shortly after. There is no reason to rush. In fact, see a doctor and get a quick check-up, then just go slow and you will have a better experience.

One truth about fitness exercises is they are great for your mental horsepower. A higher level of performance and brain power is what we are talking about.

Research has shown that regular exercise has a great effect on blood circulation. Of course that means in your brain as well. Also, exercise increases the serotonin level in your brain. The effect of more serotonin is an increase in mental clarity. We find this increased mental acuity intriguing. If you’re totally new to working out, it is especially important to sort out the truth about health and fitness from the falsehoods. The reason for that is simply that you are in the early stages of fitness habit formation. You will have to go through a painful re-education later if you form the wrong habits now. Sticking with a fitness routine and succeeding require you to form good habits from the start.

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