A healthy life is a key to happiness-more and more people are now realizing this fact. Whereas before, health was often second or third only among the priorities of many individuals, there is now a growing awareness of the importance of healthy living.

Still, despite the seemingly endless formulas being introduced today to achieve a healthy life-from different diet programs to various pills and over-the-counter health medications-there are still a lot of people who experience chronic diseases like cancer and heart problems. Plus, there seems to be an increasing number of individuals suffering from health maladies like obesity. Where does the problem lie?

The Distorted Concept About Health

One of the greatest reasons behind the health problems plaguing the world today despite the continuous clamor for a healthy living is the distorted concept that many people has created about health. Let’s take a look at three of these concepts and let’s try to correct them:

Concept 1: Weight loss equals good health. Many people think that being healthy means losing weight. This could be due to the stigma associated with too much weight and obesity, not only in terms of its health risks but as well as in terms of aesthetics. Because of this, many people believe that a healthy life only involves shedding extra pounds and getting a good body shape. Truth: Good health is overall balance. Weight loss and good body shape are only small portions of healthy living-they’re not the whole thing. Oftentimes, they are simple side effects of a healthy life. Good health involves a lot more, a development not just of the body but as well of the mind and of the other aspects of a person’s life.

Concept 2: Good health can be achieved overnight. There are diet programs and even health pills that promise good effects in a matter of a few days. Many people are attracted to these products and programs because of their claim to show results fast, only to be disappointed when their expectations are not met. Truth: Good health is best achieved with a slow but steady process. Good health is not some sort of a miracle; you can’t force it to happen at once. The key is discipline and consistency. Teach yourself to eat healthy meals. Curb your cravings for unhealthy foods. Exercise regularly. When you practice these one at a time, slowly but without fail, you’ll wake up one day living the healthy life you desire.

Concept 3: Going artificial is the easiest way to achieve good health. You’ve seen them: health pills, tablets, capsules, food additives, all promising an easier way to getting healthy. Going healthy is just a matter of taking a pill a day-no need to sweat it out. Truth: The best way to be healthy is to go raw and natural. Nothing beats eating rawfoods and natural produce like fruits and vegetables, plus exercise, to achieving good health-not any miracle pill and not the best artificial health tablet you can find because these are merely food supplements. You need to sweat it out if you really want to live healthy.

These three basic concepts about health should be your starting guide to enjoy a healthy living. After all, it all starts with the right set of mind.

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