Are you striving to take better care of your complexion so that you can be radiantly beautiful? Then you have come to the right place because through my extensive experience as a skin care specialist I can tell you what you need to know in the top three tips for healthy skin.

Tip #1 – Drink More Water!

This is incredibly important for any man or woman that wants to improve their facial appearance right away. Water will actually work to flush all toxins from your facial cells, which is why it is one of the best tips for healthy skin that I can share with you.

Once you start drinking a regular amount of water, you will find that your metabolism is boosted, which means that your facial cell turnover is higher.

What this means for you is that now your facial cells will be shed at a rate that is similar to when you were a teenager.

If you remember the soft and smooth texture of your face as a young adult, then you’ll know how important it is to use the metabolism benefits from drinking more water to promote new cell growth for your face.
It is an instant youthful boost and facelift!

Tip #2 – High Quality Ingredients

Please tell me that you are not using any type of poor over-the-counter product that you found in the remainder bin at the drugstore, and that has harsh chemical ingredients in it.

If this is the case, then you are doing much more harm for your face than good because of the irritating effects of low-quality chemicals in over-the-counter facial products.

I completely recommend to look for a high quality product that is full of antioxidants like Coenzyme Q10, which works to neutralize free radicals in your face.

Free radicals come from outside damage from pollution and the sun, and once you neutralize them, you prevent your facial cells from being damaged any further. If you are able to prevent your facial cells from damage in this way, then you can stop signs of premature aging.

Tip #3 – Moisturize:

This may seem like a very obvious option in the tips for healthy skin, but so many people begin to experience signs of age on their face because it is not properly moisturized.

It is important to moisturize after every single time that you cleanse to keep the delicate moisture barrier of your face intact and free from damage. That means using a day cream and a night cream to ensure that there is a constant source of hydration feeding your skin.

There are many high-quality moisturizers available that will work to protect the cells of your face by keeping them soft and healthy. Look for proven ingredients that have been used world-wide for centuries, and you’ll be on the right track.

Cleopatra knew the value of honey for her skin; in Brazil women have been using Babassu, a light, natural wax for centuries to lock moisture in.

In Japan, beautiful women have known for years that the source of youth comes from the sea, and use products containing Phytessence Wakame, a sea kelp, to keep their skin wrinkle-free.

And your grandmother and your grandmother’s grandmother would probably tell you of the powerful properties of Vitamin E for all skin-related treatments. Value that advice!

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