With today’s economy it is smart to watch your spending and cut out certain expenditures that you do not need. There are items that may seem to be insignificant but over time can add up to equal a significant amount of money. If you change your lifestyle or make changes in your normal routine you can end up saving a lot of money and make living in this economy a lot easier and more enjoyable.

An easy expense to cut out would be the amount of money you spend on eating out. If you buy lunch every day at or go out for dinner a few times a week you can easily save hundreds of dollars by packing a lunch or cooking your own dinner. On average if you spend $ 8 on lunch 5 days a week and $ 10 on dinner 3 times a week you would be spending $ 290 a month. Keep in mind $ 8 for lunch and $ 10 for dinner are very low prices. If you are eating out for lunch and dinner I would say $ 290 is a minimum amount you would be spending. If you were to pack a lunch and cook dinner you can save about half of that amount. An example of a cheap meal would be spaghetti; you can spend $ 5 and have a pound of spaghetti and a can of sauce. For one person that could last for 2 dinner and even a lunch. You can just turned $ 20 into $ 5.

Another expense that most people pay for on a daily basis is coffee. Although not a huge expense it can help pay one of your bills if it was cut out or made at home. Coffee can range from $ 2 to $ 5 depending on where you buy your coffee. If bought daily that is $ 60 – $ 150 a month just on coffee. By buying your own coffee and making it at home you can spend anywhere from $ 5 to $ 20 a month and have as much coffee as you want.

A third expense is gas and the easiest way to save on gas is to ride your bike if you destination is close enough. Not only will you save on gas but will lose weight, burn calories, and become healthier. This is probably the most unpopular way to save money but you can’t put a price on a healthier you.

These three simple ways to save money can end up saving you hundreds of dollars a month in expenses, and let’s be honest, who wouldn’t want to save a few hundred dollars a month? It’s may be worth a try and you may find you will actually like living this new lifestyle.


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