Its true that certain amount of waste would go waste and very little can be done for them as they get affected by weather or crop deterioration. For instance if we have a look at the apple industry, it loses an average of 12% of its crop on the way to market. In US apples gets harvested over a two-month period which is then stored and sold throughout the year.

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Around 25% of the prepared food gets wasted by the household itself which makes it to quarter of the total food purchased. Further these wastes are used as landfill which in turn creates lots of damages. The food waste produces methane gas which is around 21 times more harmful than carbon dioxide gas.

Methane gas is said to damage the ozone layer bringing up the temperature levels of our planet. Therefore it should be brought into the mindset of the consumers that there are many kinds of techniques in order to preserve food rather than throwing them away by the means of being refrigerated or frozen. The huge wastage by the households is creating a big problem in the country.

Bringing down the total food wastage would help in reducing the environmental problems too. According to past estimates if the total wastage is reduced by half it could lead to reduction of adverse impact of the environment by about 25%by the reduction in the use of soil depletion, landfill use, or applications of fertilizers, herbicides and pesticides.

It is clear that both Consumers and retailers responsible in minimizing the food waste, but it is the manufacturers, who get being squeezed due to high raw material prices clubbed with low retail costs which stands is the major contributor for establishing greater operational efficiencies for cutting out unnecessary food waste.

Therefore it is clear from the observations and results that reduction in food waste will result in better utilization of the production as well as will help in controlling environmental damage. So in order to reduce the food waste it’s now up to you and everyone to join hands and reduce the wastage we are making in order to make this world a healthier place to live in.

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For useful tips and guidance, visit kool

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