The primary goal of the individual is to live a peaceful and happy life along along with his family and maintaining smart health. For maintaining good health and peaceful life, recent saying depicts ” Early to bed and early to rise makes a person healthy, wealthy and wise” But we have either forgotten or ignored all the principles and mantras set by our ancestral for leading a happy and peaceful life.

Now days, in this materialistic world, most of the individuals are leading very hectic lives. They are doing not follow a disciplined lifestyle. They have a myopic outlook towards life i.e., to earn money and to accumulate all the luxurious things in whatever means possible, no matter even if the soothe, health, smart sleep, family life etc is sacrificed. The unorganized and haphazard life schedule, unhealthy eating habits are the first explanation for developing various diseases like anxiety, hypertension, sleeping disorder, blood sugar and even heart problem. Not devoting the quality time with family or even being present at home however due to preoccupation of mind someplace else, ignoring /postponing the each day wants of members of the family, are the main reasons of dissatisfaction amongst the family members and sometimes could cause disintegration of the family.

For healthier, peaceful and successful life we have a tendency to have to alter our life style and follow the certain principles of life such as: –

1.Time management

2.Regular exercises/yoga

3.Positive approach (PMS)

4.Balanced diet

Time management

To stay physically and mentally work, and also to avoid overlapping of work at a time, one has to allocate the time in keeping with necessity and importance of work. Everyone must has to follow a time schedule for getting up in the morning, doing regular exercises/yoga, taking food, sleeping etc. Allocation of the time for day-to-day activities can unleash pressure from the mind and forestall unwarranted anxiety and the person can be in a position to concentrate on his work and accomplish the identical additional efficiently in lesser time.

Regular exercises/yoga

To take care of the strength, flexibility, endurance and balance everyone must has to try and do regular exercises and yoga. Brisk walking within the morning for twenty minutes or jogging, along with doing stretching exercises,asanas and yogas(PRANAYAM) is the most effective means to prevent the diseases. Anulom bilom pranayam i.e. Inhaling the air from one nostril and releasing from the opposite for ten minutes within the morning keeps the mind cool and Management anger, anxiety and blood pressure.It’s my personal experience that Regulated life-style and controlled food habits offers very positive and enthusiastic results and can reduce and even open the blockages of arteries. Within the year 2002, I suffered from heart drawback and because of blockage of arteries I got angioplasty done. After one month or so I was advised for by pass surgery by one among the most effective hospitals of Delhi (India). But instead of going for by pass surgery I changed my life vogue and started regular walking, some exercises and yoga. I also changed my food habits and nature. Currently I am quite healthy. I buy my lipid profile and TMT checked every year and all the check results are on top of average while not by pass surgery. Several other persons and my relatives, who have changed their life vogue like me, are currently feeling a lot of higher comparatively.

Positive mind set

Individuals with positive state of mind have a resolution oriented approach towards life and thus , are a lot of likely to succeed .PMS makes us assertive,assured and proactive. A positive angle definitely strengthens our mind and body and improves the quality of our life. Each positive statement-‘ we tend to are healthy and robust’ and repeating the same in the morning will build ourselves to require action to be robust and healthy. Repeating the positive statement results in a healthier life style. Equally we must also be targeted towards our goal, as being not focused on the present whether we tend to are eating,exercising or doing any work and thinking the next factor that we have a tendency to have to try to to, may cause anxiety. If we have a tendency to do get pleasure from our food, work no matter we tend to do, we have a tendency to can be more productive, less worried and mentally and physically healthier.

Balance diet

A wholesome and nutritious diet charges the battery of our body and refreshes our mind. A balanced diet includes fruit, vegetables, milk products and dry fruits. We tend to ought to avoid junk and spicy food. Intake of fats in the meals should be reduced to stay cholesterol and triglycerides in control. We tend to should additionally fix our meals times and there should be gap of a minimum of two hours between dinner and sleeping time.

By following these golden rules viz., time management, regular exercises/yoga, positive mindset and balanced diet, we can rejuvenate our self and lead healthy and peaceful life.

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