Today I will share you some useful tips, these tips are very important in our daily life. They will benefit you a lot.

1, As we all know that the white sweater we wear will gradually become dirty, you can solve this problem by putting the white sweater in the refrigerator for 30 minutes.

2, In autumn and winter, eating turnip is very helpful. It can have an effective in treating bronchitis.

3, Experts recommend that we should often eat red pepper, hawthorn because it can prevent a cold.

4, Grapefruit boils water can treat frostbite, 1 to 2 times a day, you will find an amazing effect.

5, Presbyopia can be treated by eating raw peanuts.

6, When you find that your drawer and closet has a bad smell ,you can place a soap in it.

7, The ginger can treat the motion of sickness and the tea can prevent the influenza.

8, You can use the orange juice to wash your face, it is comfortable and can make your face pure.

9, Eating some food can make you sleep fast and well. Before you go to bed you can eat some bread and drink a glass of milk.

10, When you eat hot pot you can put some beer, it can play a role in reduce pathogenic fire.

11, when you go to sleep, put a pillow under the feet, it can prevent leg cramps.

12, Salt water to prevent poisoning

13, Apple can ease heartburn. As a saying goes that an apple a day keep the doctor away.

14, Drinking a glass of honey water after you get up in the morning and do some activities before a meal, you can treat gastritis.

15, You can use the papaya to rub with teeth it can whitening your teeth.

16, Toothpaste can cure athlete’s foot.

17, Tomatoes can cured bleeding gums, continuously eat the tomatoes for half a month, can be effective in treating bleeding gums.

18, Indoor toilets will be left bad smell even if you clean and re-washed it for many times. Then you can try to place a cup of of vinegar in the toilet for deodorant.

19, If you want to make the flower come out for a long time, you can try place a spoon of sugar in the water when you water the flower.

20, You should eat some green tea to protect yourself from the computer.

This experience is very important in our daily life, hope it can benefit you a lot. I think everyone should be a good and careful observer, it can benefit us a lot. There are many mysterious related to our daily life, if you are careful enough you will discover it. These discoveries are valuable because they can not only benefit you a lot but also can help others. You can cherish it.

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