1. Make sure to take in lots of fluids every day. One of the best ways to keep your body healthy is by drinking lots of water. Ample water intake will not only help you hydrate your body; it will also help you wash out toxins and waste from your body.

2. You should make it a habit to walk a lot. On average, people walk 3,000+ steps in a day. Attempt to walk 500 more steps than your average. After mastering this, gradually increase the steps you take by 500 per week. You can measure your progress by using a pedometer.

3. Eat a balanced meal. You can make your body healthier by eating right. Use the food pyramid as a guide for your meals. Eat more of the food indicated in the bottom of the pyramid and less of the food on the top. Always remember to watch what you eat.

4. Avoid drinking too much alcohol. Alcohol can be good for the body, but only when taken in moderation. When taken in excess, alcohol can cause damage to brain cells. If you really need to drink alcohol, go for one that has less alcohol content. Steer away from any hard drinks.

5. Go natural. Organic food is very big right now, and with good reason. Organic food is cultivated and grown without the use of harmful chemicals. Any food grown organically is cleaner and safer to eat. What organic food lacks in size, it will certainly make up for in its quality.

6. Do slow and deep breathing. Practicing slow and deep breathing at least once a day is good for your lungs and circulation. By doing this, you can strengthen your lungs and, at the same time, normalize your blood circulation. This is a simple act that helps improve your bodily functions.

7. Visit your doctor regularly. It’s very important to have regular check ups done. The best way to avoid illnesses is to catch them early. Doctors are the only people who could check you for any health problem. Make sure to visit your physician regularly to keep track of your health.

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