To the advent of winter, many friends started to leave no stone unturned to get the temperature. Experts remind everyone that the winter habits of the people some of the acts in fact, detrimental to health, need to be corrected.

Question one: Layers of clothes to wrap

People to cold, often in tiers wrapped themselves tightly to the high collar sweater, vest, thick coat. Clothing itself does not produce heat, but the heat kept. If the air layer thickness of more than 1.5 cm will lead to increased
air convection, heat dissipation was faster, warm and natural decline, and, dressed more the body’s own temperature control mechanism may be down, but easily fever cold.

Expert correction: Winter light and warm clothes to choose can withstand the cold down jacket or leather, which can wear a little soft, loose sweaters, but do not let the collar too tight, otherwise easily lead to insufficient blood supply to the brain.

Second problem: Scarf mask the windshield

Scarves around the mouth if, when people breathe, fine wool fiber and bacteria will be inhaled into the lungs, causing respiratory infections. There are a lot of people wear masks to keep out the cold, but if all wearing masks, nose and mucous membranes of the respiratory tract without exercise, cold air in the processing of the artificially weakened slightly to catch cold, but colds.

Expert correction: Mouth and nose should wear a scarf to keep the breath smooth exposed; air pollution is serious, if not, try not to wear a mask.

Question three: Frequent eating spicy hot pot

Dry climate in winter, lack of outdoor exercise in the human body often Xuhuoshangsheng, if we eat spicy food, get angry more serious, causing stomach imbalances, digestive disorders, natural, hemorrhoids, constipation, gingival swelling and other symptoms.

Expert correction: Eat hot pot in moderation, eat once or twice a week at most and the best choice not spicy hot pot soup. Note to eat some every day purging fire, spleen stomach of food, such as pears, apples, hawthorn, etc., but also to drink plenty of water helps metabolism, prevent lit.

Question four: Used to offset the cold meat and wine

Alcohol is easy for body temperature regulation disorders, so too much heat loss in a short time, just drinking wine will feel very warm and very comfortable, but Jiujin over, but will feel extremely cold. Regular drinking, not

only easily lead to head clear, sleepy, causing gout and other diseases, and very easily lead to gastritis. Meat can produce high-energy, help the body fight the cold, but if you eat too much will lead to obesity, but also easily lead to gout, bone dysplasia and other diseases.

Expert correction: Meat is best to eat once a day is recommended in order to better lunch, breakfast or dinner of egg and milk added to it. Have to drink less wine.

Winter cold, the precautionary measures are important, but also the right measures.

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