There are lots of people who die unexpectedly, and most of the time these people usually being diagnose of cancer who is already on its latter stage. Cancer is a traitor enemy that anyone can have, you may never know that someone in your family already have cancer unless it is diagnose on its early stage.

Many people who died on cancer are those who learned that their cancer is already on its severe case which is hard to treat. That is why an individual should at least undergo general medical check up to diagnose any kind of health issue that an individual can have. And to prevent worse thing to happen, one should need to learn how to have a healthy lifestyle. Great percentage of cancer victims usually comes from those who have lung cancer.

If you smoke a lot, you have to be aware that smoking causes lung cancer and sooner it can really make you health go down and suffer from a lot of pain. You can prevent worse things to happen by living a healthy lifestyle, always consider eating healthy food and prevent smoking. Though it is not that easy to stop from smoking, you can actually start in a small way by disciplining your self and be firm in preventing sticks of cigarettes land in between your fingers. One effective ways to prevent smoking is to get some support from your friends and family, you may join a group of people who have the same goal to stop smoking and sooner or later you will able to succeed in preventing having those cigarettes in your hands.

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