Are you having problems consistently generating leads for your business? Lead generation is one of the most frustrating problems faced by most network marketers.

Do you want to learn how to have leads pursue you or do you want to have to pursue them?
Here I will give you some tips to help you consistently generate 100’s of high quality targeted leads each

There are many areas you can focus on to optimize your lead generation online.

Here are 8 of the most important:

1. Personal branding – this is so important as you are building an asset for your business and yourself. Donald Trump once said “your brand is your organizations single most valuable asset” There is only one “you” and no one can take this away from you.

2. You must be an Aplha Marketer – you must be an alpha marketer to get the success you desire.

3. Sell yourself not your product.

4. Find a system to help back you up and support your efforts. This is important as it helps you to utilize your time wisely.

5. Find an expert team to work with. These must be likeminded individuals that promote hard work and are in a similar industry with similar goals.

6. Have a good content marketing program underway.

7. Ensure you have a personalized website for prospects to visit. This ties in with personal branding. Prospects need to see the person you are marketing to them so ensure your photo is on the website.

8. Utilise social media marketing

If you are a ‘newbie’ to this industry the above information may all sound very overwhelming and daunting. The key is tackle one step at a time and be consistent. Joining a supportive and informative team will help your business also.

People joing YOU, they don’t join a business!

You are your business’s single most valuable asset!

You must have that type of mindset to be a success. Think like a millionaire and det yourself goals that you are 100% determined to achieve.

You must invest in yourself to succeed and be willing to learn daily.

Stop looking for a magic website or magic business to do all of the work for you. Your success comes from hard work and learning from key people.

Education in marketing and MLM never stops. Your business is marketing and in this business there are no shortcuts.

I don’t mean to scare you off but if you are looking for an easy way out you are wasting your time. HOWEVER with proper training and a major interest in improving your lifestyle, dreams can come true.

Many many thousands of network marketers around the world are making 5 figure incomes per month just by following these basic principles. I, myself am living proof of this.

I will leave you with one last remark.

You must believe in yourself before you will see results.

I have more tips on network marketing and lead generation just like these to share with you so please visit me for more information.

Happy marketing
Karlie Valentine

Karlie Valentine – home based entrepreneur.

2 week weight loss is easy to achieve nowadays and can be done safely! To successfully lose weight in 2 weeks you will need to cut out the junk food altogether (including sugary drinks). Your reasons for needing to strip off the lbs so quickly may vary from being health related to just wanting to slim down to look good and feel better about yourself or for an event like a wedding.

It is possible to drop 2lbs of PURE FAT every week if you stick to your diet. Your overall weight can go down by 10lbs in 14 days or even more using a 2 week weight loss plan. You should be striving to eat more fresh wholesome foods including the famous 5-a-day of fruit and vegetables. When you need a snack between meals, always choose either fruit or vegetables! Steam your veg so that you keep all the vitamins and nutrients. Change your bread to the wholegrain variety which is full of fibre. It will also help you to feel satisfied for longer and keep the hunger cravings at bay. Make sure when drinking or using milk that it’s skimmed milk. It may take a bit of getting used to because it so so thin and watery but it will really help and is the healthy choice.

Always grill any meats that you are cooking, this will greatly reduce the fat that is stored in them. It’s common sense when you think about all the fat the meat is swimming in when being fried in the pan. 2 week weight loss will be boosted greatly by jogging for just 20 minutes a day but if your can’t run the length of yourself, a brisk walk for 30 minutes a day will create the same results.

DO NOT just try to starve yourself or go on a detox by using a juice diet. Remember you want to lose weight…not become ill in the process!! Be sure to have breakfast every morning. No doubt you have already heard that eating breakfast goes a long way towards slimming down (this is a fact). A boiled egg, cereal or of course some wholegrain toast for breakfast will do the job.

Stick to eating breakfast, having two meals a day and snacking healthily (not forgetting cutting out the junk food and sugary drinks) and you will have no problem achieving a satisfying 2 week weight loss.

Here is a 2 Week Program to help you. All the best.

For women who are 35 weeks pregnant, the road to their delivery will soon be ending. They can literally see the horizon. At this point, emotions are in high gear as they prepare for motherhood and the joy of holding their child for the first time. With so much behind them, there is only joy and expectation ahead. Women, who are 35 weeks pregnant or 36 weeks pregnant, have achieved a huge milestone. They have experienced the highs and lows of this process. Nausea and morning sickness are things of the past, and fortunately delivery is now the main show. Most women have hit a plateau, as far as weight gain is concerned and are now sailing smoothly.

At 35 weeks pregnant, however, women are still experiencing some form of mood changes. This is often related to their overwhelming desire to deliver their baby. Baby concerns are at the top of their list of worries, but this is a very natural occurrence.

Many expectant mothers are surprised to find out just how much progress their baby is making. The growth and development, he or she is experiencing is at its all time high. This baby is at the length of around twenty inches. It is stretching and growing preparing for its grand entrance into the world.

Things like suckle reflexes have been detected in babies in this age. Like most of the changes it undergoes, the baby also is being made ready for functioning outside of its mother’s womb. Anticipation increases as the two are getting closer and closer. Delivery is certainly imminent!

At 36 weeks pregnant mothers are becoming even more anxious to see their baby, it is necessary to note that few women deliver on time. In other words, they either experience labor before or after their due date. So if you’re 36 weeks pregnant and planning on that specific date, don’t be too let down if things unfold differently.

Most women, who are 36 weeks pregnant, are extremely concerned with the preparations for their new baby. They are shopping for baby clothes and diapers just like the baby has already arrived. This process may seem weird, but is entirely natural. Almost every pregnant woman will experience similar things at this stage.

Since labor is only weeks away, it is a good idea to get a balance of exercise along with relaxation. Exercise, even late in pregnancy has been known to greatly benefit the pushing process during labor. So taking a nice stroll, each day can do a lot of good. You’ll be strengthening, those all too important leg muscles.

Relaxation comes in handy for the delivery process, as well. Pregnant women who get the right amount of rest are also helped by simply relaxing. Having a habit of napping when you’re tired, allows you to not only refresh yourself, but also stockpile energy. It’s no secret that labor is especially demanding and should be prepared for the best way you can. Listening to your body is important. Get as much rest as you can!

You can find more tips about being 35 weeks pregnant at Aha Baby. You can learn about various ways to address various discomforts and other changes to your body during 36 weeks pregnant until your due date at Aha! Baby.