A vacation is the perfect time to over-indulge and ruin all the progress that you have made on reaching your goal. Being prepared and thinking about what you are going to eat ahead of time is going to save you on your trip.
When you start to pack your luggage, you should start packing healthy items to get you through rough parts of the day.

Pack almonds in your bag. They help curve your hunger and they are healthy. You can buy the 100 calorie packs and throw one in your bag to eat on the plane. The airlines only hand out unhealthy snacks on flights, so it is best to be prepared with your own healthy food.

Another healthy option is pack a few protein bars in your luggage. These are healthy and will get you through the day without falling off your diet. If you use protein powder, put some in a Ziploc bag and bring your shaker. You can easily make a protein shake in your hotel room.

Pack tuna packages and eat them when you are feeling hungry throughout the day. They are high in protein and low in calories.

Call your hotel ahead of time and ask if there is a refrigerator and microwave in your room. If there isn’t, ask if you can change to a room with one. This will save you a lot of calories on your trip.

Once you have arrived, go to the grocery store and purchase the Ziploc steam bags. These are absolutely a time saver and a calorie saver. They are so easy to use and the directions to use them are right on the bag.
You can steam vegetables, chicken, fish, steak and numerous other items in these bags in the microwave. They come out very tender and you would never know they were just made in a microwave.

Purchase a few chicken breast and some fresh vegetables. Put them in the refrigerator and when you feel hungry steam some chicken.

If your family or friends want to go out to eat, stay back and steam your food or go with them and order a salad with low fat or fat free dressing on the side. This is going to be difficult at first but after a few meals you will get use to it and you won’t have that guilty feeling after leaving the restaurant.

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