For those of us wanting to lose weight and improve self esteem, it is important to set out on this path with some clearly defined goals in mind. This could be fitting into those old clothes in the back of the wardrobe for example. Keeping up with your kids as they race around the park. Or maybe a much more general goal, feeling better about life and living it more happily.

Once targets have been decided the next step is to work out ways to achieve them. This almost always involves a change in lifestyle – to achieve any significant and long lasting change in weight it is important to adopt a healthy diet and a realistic and enjoyable exercise plan. There are various different exercise machines on the market which can help with this. One well worth considering is a Chi Machine. This device was developed by Japanese doctor Shizou Inoue. He believed that oxygen was vital to health and indeed the right balance could cure any illness. The Chi Machine, it is claimed, oxygenates the body via “passive aerobic exercise”. This is said to stimulate the lymphatic system, which in turn is said to bring about a detoxification process. It is also believed that the machine helps to increase metabolism thus improving the efficiency of any diet and exercise regime.

To use a Chi Machine does not take a great amount of effort, and can form a relaxing start to the evening after a long day at work. The user should lie down on the floor with his or her feet in the machine’s “ankle cradle” – this then moves from side to side around 140 times per minute. The device allegedly helps users to relax and can prevent them from gorging on food. In general it is recommended that the Chi Machine is used for around ten minutes a day, either before or after exercise, or before eating. Specifically, the Chi Machine can, it is claimed, increase anabolic metabolism and decrease catabolic metabolism. Catabolic anabolism is believed by many to be a negative force that can lead to spiraling weight gain and ill health.

The key thing to remember is that long lasting weight loss can be reached only through adopting a good diet and exercise plan. The Chi Machine can form part of this.

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