Precisely for this reason it is essential in the workplace welfare workers, whatever the specific task, both in first place among the priorities. Many times in fact taken from the hectic pace of work, the business that may not go very well or too well, they need a back seat, all the deteriorating business environment, sometimes irreversibly and thus compromising not only the productivity of individual but of the entire business ecosystem. Psychologists and educators work to be repeated year as mere attitudes on the part of the employer or the superior worth much more than the monetary remuneration and as a satisfied worker is a productive worker and efficient, much more a person’s repressed and frustrated by the environment in which it operates.

Certainly when it comes to these issues the first elements to consider are certainly those related to office furniture. Although in fact I consider a purely utilitarian item and are not considered when it comes to the workplace they are of fundamental importance for the welfare of those among the furniture, we must spend the whole day. Employees should also be well educated on what their rights and should be able to request special equipment aimed at the preservation and protection of their health.

Much attention should be given the choice of office desks that need to have an adjustable height to fit the size of the person you take pains to correct posture for back to that view. Much research in sociology and psychology of work also suggest what is the correct placement of the desk and its orientation with respect to sources of natural and artificial light. Usually because the PC screen should be placed far enough away from the windows to avoid annoying reflections, but at the same time not too far away to not affect the visibility of the monitor.

In addition, attention must be given the choice of wall units office must have a precise and studied collocazione4 within the environment so as to not create insurmountable barriers, which undermine the social and then the collaboration within the office, but even at the same time they must work to preserve the privacy of each and allow to carry out their work in perfect quiet without being disturbed.

Even the archives, and the filing office, the shelves and cabinets should have a place the result of careful consideration by designers or experts in occupational psychology as well points should be placed in special rooms that is not too close to workers but enough to be achieved without great effort, thus favoring the activity of static and archive access to administrative documents and accounting.

In addition to the physical environment including the preparation of his work is of fundamental importance, being able to carve their own spaces, even small to make the move or a short stroll is fundamental to the approval being. The ideal thing to do is to take some steps or otherwise detached from the monitor at least every two hours, much better if more often.


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