There are many professionals who strongly feel that juicing raw foods such as fruits and vegetables is the way for an improved and healthier lifestyle. Dr Norman Walker’s example of drinking a couple of glasses of freshly extracted vegetable juice daily, also keeping his body junk-free is a fine example of this. Dr Walker lived a very long life with no disease and had enough energy to work right up to the day of his death. He died peacefully in his sleep at 113 years of age.

The late Dr Bircher-Benner, founder of the famous Bircher-Benner clinic which also centres on the power or raw juice also agreed that raw green juice is one of the most therapeutic substances on earth for the human body.

So including a daily juice can truly benefit your health, mind and body. If you want ‘fast food’ let this be the one. The pure fast food of extracted liquids from fruits and vegetables that will really help your body to gain power rather than block it up. This fast food of living nutrients for the body is abundance with antioxidants, life giving enzymes and many vitamins. Why am I calling juicing fast food – it’s easier and quicker than cooking – just wash your fruits and vegetables, cut it up and put it in your juicer – voila – finished! There are even some juicers on the market today where you don’t even have to cut the fruits up, just stuff them down the chute, nothing could be quicker or easier.

Life today is busy, sometimes more than we would like. There are so many demands on people’s live. The rush and daily grind of a million and one things to do. Coping with jobs, families, rushing the children from one activity to another, various chores, no wonder people are feeling worn out, tired and stressed. Dealing with everything that life throws at you and not feeding yourself properly as well will surely takes its toil.  Eventually you will feel completely run down then your body will be weakened for illness to take control.  So please, help yourself by energising your body and juice daily for health.

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