Did you know that the human brain contains 85% water? When the brain needs water takes what it needs from other parts of your body in order to survive. This means that other parts of the body which also need water start having problems.

Did you know that water flow controls the temperature of your body? When your body gets too hot, it sweats, releasing water which cools your body. When you do not drink enough water your body loses its ability to cool itself off when necessary.
Did you know that water helps clean the stomach and helps digestion? Anything added to the water you drink, even such things as lemon juice, tea or coffee will cause the stomach muscle to close. The stomach walls then release enzymes along with other gastric juices so that they can break down what has been added to the water.

Did you know that drinking water between your meals helps to flush your stomach of the small, trapped pieces of food?

Did you know that water helps clean the small intestine? It’s like after eating a meal you wash your dishes and rinse them.  

Did you know that constipation is a symptom of dehydration? In order to maintain the proper water balance in your body, water is moved in and out of the large intestine. If your body is short of water you may get constipated. Friendly bacteria helps the water move into the waste in the large intestine to soften it so you don’t have to strain. When you do not drink enough water, your food moves slowly through your intestines. You may become constipated and the toxins remaining in your large intestine may be absorbed back into your bloodstream.

Did you knew that your body cannot allow any fluid to be lost if it’s dehydrated? It will draw the fluids it needs from your large intestine. Remember, the brain functionality, the brain controls where the water goes and the intestines are not on the highest priority list. However, now your intestines are becoming a self poisoning cesspool of fecal matter and hemorrhoids will just be a little problem to a more serious condition inside your body.

Did you know that water helps you to maintain your weight control and lose weight? One glass of water before meal cut the appetite. Water is filler. Do this before each meal and you will see the weight drop. If you feel like snacking have a glass of water instead. Water doesn’t have any traces of calories, it is considered as the best source of nutrients for our body.

Did you know that each day our body needs to replenish at least 2.3 liters of water? Water is universally important, both to human beings and the environment as well.

I hope that now you are aware about the importance of water for a healthy lifestyle. More information about the importance of water for a healthy life style and for weight control you may find on my blog and on my site.

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