India and Pakistan have always been at loggerheads with one another fighting over territory, sovereignty and respect from the international community. However they find themselves with something in common- a passion for rock. The growth and popularity of Pakistani rock coincided with the coming of rock in India. Bands like Junoon and Strings can be credited for the introduction of Pakistani rock or more popularly known as ‘Pakrock’.
Junoon arrived on the scene with a new breed of rock- one which combined the American rock of the west with the Sufi sounds of Pakistan and the combination proved to be a winning one with Pakrock taking the nation by storm and even finding a market in India. Junoon with their hit Sayonee resonated with the youth in India and soon collaborations started taking place with Hindi rock bands. Although Junoon primarily sings in Urdu they experimented by singing in Hindi and they were successful.
Strings, another Pakrock band also tasted success following close on the heels of their predecessors. They too won countless awards and were also considered a mainstream Hindi rock band after they sang the title song Zinda for the Hindi movie of the same name. With the release of their third album Durr in India, they soon realized that many people in India appreciated their music and so they aided in making this genre more popular.
A moment of great honour for them came when they were asked sing the title song for the Spiderman movie. Another milestone for them was when in 2004 they collaborated with Euphoria to perform for the Indo-Pak cricket series, the official anthem which was titled ‘Jeet Lo Dil’ was a huge hit and it won hearts in both India as well as Pakistan. Hindi and Pakistani rock found a common language- a passion for the same sound. The sense of a hostile enmity is forgotten as in both countries the language of music and the love for rock has prevailed over hatred.

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USA is home to thousands of Indians. There are plenty of Indian families who are settled there for decades. The population is so dense is some parts of the countries that one may find Indian communities there. They celebrate all religious and cultural festivals in their own way there and are joined by their American neighbors. Though the lifestyles and environment in US cities are completely different from India, the NRIs feel at home there and a reason behind that is availability of entertainment in their language; Hindi. DISH Network, the leading satellite TV service provider offers a wide array of international language packages for international communities that are settled in US and the Hindi language programming packages are of a high demand. A major percentage of international subscribers in US are actually viewers of DISH Network Hindi channels.

DISH Network offers Hindi language speaking viewers a plethora of Hindi programming packages to opt from. All the packages include long lists of channels that provide entertainment of all kinds and for people of all ages. From movies to music, sports to news, cultural programs to lifestyle shows, family dramas, action packed thrillers, reality shows and programs on special interest; everything is at your fingertips. Apart from programs in Hindi, the Hindi language programming packages include channels that show American programs and Hollywood movies with Hindi subtitles to make things more understandable for the Hindi speaking viewers. DISH Network packages for Hindi language programs are available at exciting prices. You can simply add a Hindi package to your general DISH Network package or may simply opt for a language pack.

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Hindi Super Pack: Packed with a number of popular general entertainment channels, DISH Network’s Hindi Super Pack truly is a package. Priced at $ 44.99 per month, the Hindi Super Pack is ideal for people who enjoy family dramas, reality shows and comedy shows. This package offers you the scope to keep track of the developments taking place in the popular Hindi ‘serials’ that are aired on channels like Zee TV, NDTV Imagine, Star India Plus, Star India One, Aapka Colors and many more.

Hindi Elite Pack: People, who do not have enough time to surf a long list of channels but want to get a Hindi flavor in TV entertainment, can opt for the economic Hindi Elite Pack. The pack includes only the top Hindi channels that offer best entertainment in Hindi language and is available at a very reasonable price. The number of channels may be less but just check out the names- STAR India Plus, Zee TV, STAR India One and SONY Entertainment Asia.

Apart from these compact packages of multiple channels, DISH Network also offers small packages like Hindi – Star India One & Aapka Colors, Hindi – Zee TV & SAB, Hindi – Sahara One & Star India One, Hindi – Sony & TV Asia and much more.

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