The benefits of living a healthy life are pretty obvious. It makes you stay physically active and you don’t easily get sick. If you are healthy and active, you can do all the things you want to do. That’s why most people are doing everything they can just to achieve a healthy life.

The most common tips for healthy living include doing regular fitness workouts, eating healthy foods, and practicing a healthy lifestyle.

For fitness workouts, you can also perform simple exercises at home or in the office if you don’t have time to go to the gym. Simple activities like walking, running, swimming, or dancing are best form of exercises that can be done at home. But if you are serious about getting physically fit and if you have enough time and budget to do it, gym membership is the best option for you.

When it comes to healthy eating, nothing can be healthier than eating vegetables, fresh fruits and plenty of pure water. A healthy eating habit means avoiding heavy dinners, junk foods, and plenty of sweets and fatty foods. To avoid taking unhealthy snacks, it is advisable that you eat complex carbohydrates, vegetables, and protein-rich foods during meals. Other healthy foods that you can take are nuts like cashews, almonds, and walnuts. Drinking a cup of herbal tea instead of coffee is also a healthy option.

To practice a healthy lifestyle is about stopping unhealthy vices like smoking and drinking alcoholic beverages.

Other helpful tips for healthy living that you can consider include purifying the air in your own homes, taking vitamins and health supplements, and losing weight if necessary.

In addition to the several tips for healthy living mentioned above, having a healthy and safe environment is also a must in order to live a healthy life. You can make your environment healthy by knowing the right place where to put the toxic waste and chemicals.

For parents, you have an added responsibility in taking care for the wellness and healthy life of your children aside from your own physical health and well-being.

Health care is also a very important part of living a healthy life. This covers regular medical checkups and screenings. It will help you reduce your spending on health care if a health problem is treated earlier. However, if you are already sick and in need of medication, you can ask your physician on switching to cheaper yet effective alternatives.

All these tips for healthy living will only become effective if you religiously follow them with all your heart. Remember, all the benefits you will get from these are also for your own good. You are primarily responsible for your own life. If you want a healthy and active life, no one else can help you achieve it without you helping yourself first. Your doctor, gym instructor, family, friends, or neighbors can help you live a healthy life but without your personal desire and commitment to achieving it, everything else will fail. Always put in your mind that living a healthy life will lead you to living a happy, fulfilling and satisfying life.

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If you are overweight and you are looking for options to trim your weight and stay fit, you might find it quite hard in choosing your diet plans – as there are a lot of diet programs today offering quick fix and almost instant results. Probably the best thing you can do is choose healthy diets while losing weight.

Indeed, you can find tips to healthy eating and at the same time losing weight. You just have to choose the right foods and the right mindset not to be lured with the many weight loss products that promise fast and quick results but may also bring risks to your health. One of the important tips to healthy eating while losing weight is to be patient. Yes, healthy weight loss needs time, but it is also pays off well in the end – not only in keeping you in shape, but for giving you long-term health benefits as well.

– Reduce your calorie intake without eliminating the essential food groups. The key to losing weight is burning more calories than you consume so if you already have accumulated extra weight on your body, you may want to cut down on the calories you take in and burn more of it. However, this does not mean taking away the essential food groups like carbohydrates, as this is also taking away essential nourishment that helps your body function properly. Instead of eliminating them, slowly cut down on the size or quantity of food, do substitution for some foods and increase your physical activity.

– Slow down. One of the tips to healthy eating that you can easily follow is to eat slowly. This will help your stomach digest your food well and to help you be aware of your body’s signal that you are full.

– Do not skip breakfast. If you think skipping breakfast can help you lose weight, you must think again. It can also make you feel hungrier the rest of the day and could lead you to eating bigger meals during lunch and dinner. One of the tips to healthy eating while losing weight is to eat frequent meals in smaller portions. This will help you balance your calorie intake as well as your sugar levels.

– Go for fresh vegetables and fruits. There may be diet plans promoting prepared mixes and foods but the best option you can have in losing weight the healthy way is to go for fresh ones.

– Identify what is unhealthy in your diet. Instead of eliminating an important food group like carbs in your diet, cut down on the unhealthy food choices. Reduce your soda, cut down on sugar on your beverages and drinks, stay away from alcohol and drink plenty of water. Instead of having cakes and ice cream as desserts, substitute them with fresh fruits. This way, you will not deprive yourself from essential foods needed by your body but you are reducing the unhealthy foods in your diet.

– Find a weight loss buddy. If you are alone in the battle against being overweight and obese, it may be a little harder for you – especially if you have overweight friends who are not into weight loss. Indeed, having a friend who is also into healthy weight loss, or going out with friends who are not overweight can be of help too as you will gradually adopt their eating habits and healthy way of life. Although this does not mean you have to completely avoid other friends.

In the end, losing weight the healthy way is not impossible. You can actually find many resources and tips to healthy eating while losing weight and enjoy its permanent results in shaping your body and helping you stay healthy.

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We all know that we’re meant to eat healthy foods on a regular basis. Yet, the majority of us fail to do so. We eat unhealthy meals containing a wealth of fat and other nasties that are no good for our bodies. Instead of consuming healthy snacks in between meals, we go for a candy bar or a bag of chips – and that just isn’t good enough!

In this article you’re going to be educated on some basic facts about healthy eating. Learning the facts about healthy eating, may motivate you to make a change to your diet.

One fact about healthy eating that has always scared me is that the majority of us aren’t getting out 5 fruit and vegetables a day! If you’re not getting enough fruit and veg on a daily basis, you may develop serious health complications later on in life.

If you’re not consuming your 5 fruit and vegetables a day, then you need to start doing so, before it’s too late. If you find it hard to eat that much fruit and veg a day, then here are some tips to help you get your recommended daily allowance…

* I’m assuming you love spaghetti bolognaise, who doesn’t right? Well did you know that you can chop up some vegetables into your bolognaise sauce? You’ll barely know they’re there either!

* Drink plenty of fruit juices. It doesn’t matter what fruit juice, it’s all down to your personal preference. But drinking one glass of juice a day will provide you with one of your five a day!

* The majority of people don’t count potatoes towards their five a day, for some bizarre reason. Potatoes are vegetables too, you know? You can use potatoes with nearly every meal, so it’s a great way to reach your five a day. You can find thousands of healthy recipes online that contain one or two portions of your five a day, so a search engine is a great place to start if you’re struggling to think of healthy recipes.

Another fact that is quite scary is that 95% of us are consuming far too many processed foods on a daily basis. These are foods that contain added salt, sugar and nasty chemicals. These foods are everywhere, but they’re more common in ‘TV Dinners’ and other microwaved foods.

Bottom line is that, YOU need to start eating healthy foods on a regular basis.
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Living a fast paced lifestyle makes it difficult to eat healthy all of the time. Whether you’re an executive or a stay at home Mom, life can get in the way of a plan to makeover your unhealthy eating habits.

Stick to These Three Rules to Eating Healthy, to Keep your Diet on Track

1. Don’t eat junk food during the work week.

I’ve stuck to this rule for about five years now and it’s amazing. It’s simple and easy to stick with. If you’re not eating junk food from Monday to Friday not only will you be eating healthy 5 days out of the week, you may be more likely to control cravings on the weekends. Even if you don’t, two days of unhealthy eating is easy to counter during the week than months on end of snacking on fatty and fried foods!

2. Don’t keep unhealthy food in the house.

Another golden rule that has helped me personally, to keep the weight off. The act of having to go out and buy junk food when a craving strikes, gives you more time to think if you really want and/or need it. Where as having in the cupboard, makes ruining your calorie intake for the day, only a couple of steps away. This is an especially important rule if you have trouble with diet willpower or can easily justify eating unhealthy to yourself.

3. Avoid Fried, Fatty, Processed and Creamy

There is plenty of delicious food that isn’t filled with trans fats, fried in oil or made with butter. If you can avoid rich and greasy food you have a lot more room to make mistakes. It’s amazing how bad Alfredo sauce is, or a fried spring roll at a Thai restaurant. Processed and frozen foods contain high levels of sodium and preservatives. Even if you end up eating more than you should, avoiding these foods will keep your diet program on track.

Follow these three golden rules of eating to lose weight and you will see results in no time!

Eat Healthy, lose weight!

Kaleena Lawless

Your health is arguably the most important thing you have, so you need to take care of your health and be proactive in prevention of illness the best you can rather than be reactive and wait until you get sick and depend on the medical system to heal you.

It’s also the difference between taking control of your health rather than letting your health take control of you. Being in control of your health is the best position to be and the below tips should help you take more control of your health.

Tip 1. Deep Breathing – Getting enough oxygen is Take deep breaths of fresh air throughout the day, most people breathe to lightly which will cause them to have less energy and feel more tired. Practice taking deep breaths and aim to fill up your lungs down to your stomach with air, after some practice and doing it a few times you should feel more energy and have a good feeling.

Breathing deep is important to do because it allows your body to take in extra oxygen that you will need for your current activities in your day and to help replenish your body with oxygen it’s lacking or needs from a previous activity you participated in.

So if you find you are getting out of breathe at times of exercise or climbing stairs or doing physical activities you need to take some deep breaths which may seem difficult at the time, but will be beneficial.

You will be able to increase your stamina, focus, power, speed, endurance and strength by doing deep breathing exercises before, during and after your fitness or sports activities like basketball, martial arts, weight lifting, football, tennis, hockey, soccer, running, biking, roller blading, skiing or even simple things like walking.

Tip 2. Drink Clean Water – The water you drink is vital to your health. If you are still drinking from your tap water, most likely there are going to be toxins in the water, it’s been proven that fluoride is harmful and shouldn’t be used in drinking water, and never, I repeat never to be use for baby formula ever.

Investing in a water purifier is at least the minimum you should do for your family, but for the best health benefits, get a countertop water distiller to create 100% clean drinking and cooking water to eliminate all the toxins.

You will notice a big difference in your energy and how you feel and the quality of the water. The body in made of over 60% water, so drinking clean water has tremendous health benefits to you and your family.

Tip 3. Nutrition – The foods you eat play a huge role in your health, and will make the difference between having optimal health or not. A well balanced diet is important for a healthy body to get all the nutrients needed to achieve optimal health and wellness and to prevent disease and illness. In today’s modern diet and food processing it’s difficult and expensive to meet the nutritional needs from our modern diet anymore.

Nutritional supplementation is important in our modern diet to make sure we get all the vital nutrients our bodies need to heal and repair itself and achieve optimal health. A whole-food supplement is needed with the science to back it up and solid guarantee, don’t expect to find this at your local health store.

Tip 4. Regular Physical Activity – Getting exercise or doing physical activities that push yourself have great health benefits and can keep you looking and feeling younger. Doing full body exercise routines and activities will have the best results in the shortest amount of time.

These health tips should help get you on the right path to taking better care of your health and feeling and looking your best.

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By making just a few changes in your daily routine, your family and the environment will prosper! Green Living is the trend of today to ensure our tomorrow! Here’s an easy to follow list of ideas-try them out today!

A is for Apple. Pick apples at a local orchard during apple season, and save the transportation and fuel costs of transporting them from afar. The same goes for all produce.

B is for Beauty. Use organic cosmetics and products.

C is for Cycling, as in Bicycling. Turn off the car and bike to work on a nice day.

D is for De-stressing. A stress free environment is what we are all striving for.

E is for Environment. Love the planet and it will reward you.

F is for Free Range. Free Range meat and products contain no chemicals and are healthier for you.

G is for Garages. Let’s store our new hybrid vehicle in the garage!

H is for Heating. Use a programmable thermostat and drop the temperature a couple of degrees. Your wallet will thank you also.

I is for Immaculate. Clean your house with organic products and enjoy the immaculate look and lack of fragrance. Clean does not have a lemony pine scent!

J is for Junk. Reduce, Recycle, and Reuse your junk whenever possible.

K is for Kids. All of these little steps will improve the earth for our kids.

L is for Light Bulb. Use compact fluorescent light bulbs. Save energy. Save money.

M is for Milk. Use hormone-free dairy products, and buy your milk in glass bottles- reuseable!

N is for No. Say no to pesticides and plant foods. Try gardening the old fashioned way!

O is for Oxygen. Plant a tree and reduce your use of non-recycled paper.

P is for Paper. Use less napkins, paper towels, and forego paper receipts. Save a tree!

Q is for Quick Thinking. At the grocery, when asked “paper or plastic bag?” reply with a “no, thank you- I have my own recycled canvas bag!”

R is for Recycle. Reduce. Reuse. Become an expert!

S is for Seek. Seek out new ways to help the environment.

T is for Trying. Try just one today, and the future will look brighter.

U is for Unique. Buy unique gifts that are organic and give a friend a smile.

V is for Very Important. Even the smallest change is needed.

W is for Water. Drink from reuseable water bottles. Ditch the disposable whenever possible.

X is for X-box. Turn off and unplug your electronics when you are not using them.

Y is for You. Do what you can to help and nothing is too small.

Z is for Everybody. If we all take some small steps, we can make a difference! Plant a tree today!

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Oily skin is a common problem for most people. If you have oily skin, you may feel that your make up is fade easily since the oil glands produces oil every time. You will also have shiny skin especially when you wake up in the morning.

The effect of this oil is your pores will look wider. You will also have blackheads around your nostrils. These blackheads are the main cause of acne. That’s why oily skin is more prone to acne.

Unfortunately, this problem cannot be eliminated since this issue is inborn. It does not mean that this problem cannot be solved. You can have a diet to reduce the oil production. You can reduce fried foods and eat more vegetables and fruits. The oil production can also be reduced by proper treatment. There are three steps that you need to do to reduce the oil.

The first step is cleaning. You should use lotion or liquid cleanser. Check the PH label since you need balance PH for oily skin. Massage your skin using this cleanser than wipe it out using cotton or tissue. It would be better if you use facial cleaner that has lemon or cucumber extract. Lemon and cucumber extract will reduce the oil production.

You should do the cleaning twice or more a day. You can also use oil absorbent tissue to help you absorb the oil. By using this tissue, you can keep your make up look neat. Loose powder is the best option for oily skin since it is able to absorb oil.

After using cleanser, you need to use freshener or astringent. This is a liquid that will remove and lift the excess oil on your skin. Some people say that you need to replace the product that you use for two years because your oily skin will have resistant against it.

Moisturizer is the third beauty kit that you need to have to give the best treatment for oily skin. You can check the label. Make sure the product that you choose has oil free label. Even if you have oily skin, it does not mean that you don’t have to add moisturizer. Oil is not as the same as moisturizer. Moisture can be gotten from water not from oil. That is the reason why you need to add moisturizer to your skin.

You can have a comfortable tub for your bathing activity. One of them can be found in vintage tub & bath. If you want to have more options and models, you can choose them in antique claw foot tub.

There is a growing trend of people living alone. Eating out and fast food have become the norm for many. Healthy eating should be a part of their daily plans, but often is not. Dinner, in particular, seems to be a problem. Many feel making meals for one is a chore. In reality, preparing healthy meals takes less time than you think and, in the long run, saves money.

Eating healthy meals can improve your life. Combined with exercise, it will help you look younger and live longer. Skipping meals or eating fast food and high-fat snacks can be dangerous to your overall health. There is great concern among the medical community about the growing obesity of the population. Take control and develop healthier eating habits. It’s relatively easy to cook for one and have tasty, healthy meals.

I have lived alone for many years and developed a healthy eating style. That doesn’t mean I don’t indulge myself every now and then. Overall, I try to follow the guidelines for healthy eating. You can do the same. Following are some tips for creating healthy meals.

Each week make out a menu and grocery list. Buy fresh fruits and vegetables once a week. By planning in advance, you can have tasty and healthful meals.

If you don’t have any cookbooks, purchase a couple. There are a number of cookbooks for making meals for one or two. Purchase one. It’s worth it. You’ll find recipes that are easy to make.

Invest in a slow cooker and slow cooker cookbook. You can create meals with little clean up. Buying slow cooker liners saves you the trouble of scrubbing the pot. You can make many of your favorites including that comfort food you like.

You can also buy frozen vegetables and steamer bags. These bags allow you to put the vegetables in the microwave for a few minutes. Again, no clean up. You can add them to your slow cooker meal.

Divide the meals into plastic container and freeze them. A few minutes in the microwave at dinner time and you have a healthy, tasty meal.

Have a salad with your meal or just a salad. Bags of lettuce can be found in the produce department, or you can make your own. A number of years ago I learned a trick for keeping my own salads fresh for several days. Cut up the vegetables you want except tomatoes. Put them in a bowl with a tight fitting lid. Place a paper towel over the top of the bowl and snap on the lid. Turn the bowl upside down and place it in the refrigerator. The salad will stay fresh for several days.

You can also make your own fruit salad using fruits that are in season. Choose the fruits you like, cut them up and place them in a bowl with a tight fitting lid. Easy to pull out in the morning and have a fruit salad.

Don’t hesitate to eat out alone. I enjoying dining with friends, but every now and then I go solo. Restaurants have made it easier by including healthy choices on their menus. You can even order half salads and smaller portions of entrees

Find the time to eat healthy. Resist a diet of fast food and junk food temptations. Stay active and eat healthy. With healthy solo eating you will feel better, look younger and save money.

Lois Bernstein is a former master teacher, adjunct professor, student teacher supervisor and curriculum developer. She is currently tutoring in reading, writing, study skills and math.

The wisdom that comes with age is very welcome and much longed for. But, the associated wrinkles and graying hair are agonized over. Most of us would wish to enter our autumn years with the maturity and wisdom that life has bestowed over a couple of decades—but without the wrinkles!


There is no magic cream or proven treatment that would give you youthful wrinkle-free skin as you age. But, here are a few tips to help you beat wrinkles while you age gracefully.


Anti-wrinkle tips


Protect your skin from the sun

Excessive sunlight exposure results in skin aging.

Use a sunscreen everyday before going out in the sun.


Stop Smoking

* Smoking strips skin of essential oxygen and reduces the rate at which skin regenerates.

* Deep lines in the area around the mouth are directly attributable to smoking.


Deep cleanse

* Skin needs cleansing even as it ages and oil production decreases.

* Skin needs to be clear of dead Cells and dirt to give you that youthful glow.


Deep moisturize

* Daily moisturizing, either with a regular moisturizer or a night cream can replenish skin moisture levels and water content.

* Moisturizing is best done on damp skin.

Improve circulation

* Your face needs regular massages to increase the blood flow which helps the formation of new Cells and clearing away of toxins.


Treat skin

* Skin needs regular pampering and care, and a good facial or appropriate face cream can help skin feel cared for.

Seasonal changes

* Beauty routines and regimens should factor in seasonal and weather changes.

* It would be best to vary beauty routines in summer and winter, by small changes in cleansers and moisturizers and diet.


Gentle care

* Skin is attached to the underlying muscle and bone by fibrous bands and has to resist the actions of gravity as one ages.

* Care not to handle skin while making-up the face or which cleansing can keep skin looking unravaged and youthful.


New products

* With the changes in science, come changes in beauty products.

* Newer beauty products are designed to be updated with regard to pollutants and other skin damagers, and may be better for the skin than resorting to older skin formulas.


Find powerful herbal remedies

Herbal Anti – Wrinkle Beauty

Disguise wrinkles

* If care should fail and skin begins to show line, there is no cause for despair.

* Artful use of make-up can disguise fine lines.

* Products containing luminescent particles usually reflect light away from the face and make lines less noticeable.

Do not rush into cosmetic surgery

* The effects of going under the knife are usually permanent and may not be all that you wanted in the first place.

* It is best to deliberate surgical intervention for a necessary duration and decide upon it following feedback from trusted friends and family.

Wrinkles and Scars
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A healthy garden grows from healthy soil. When the soil in your garden is healthy, your plants are most resistant to disease. Their roots can reach into the soil to extract water and nutrients, making these plants more vigorous. If you want to create healthy garden soil, you need to find a way to improve the conditions in the garden. Often, garden soil is poorly drained, compacted, and low on nutrients. It may also have a pH that is out of the neutral to slightly acidic soil pH that most plants love.

Identifying Common Soil Problems

Is your soil tough? If you find that water pools on the top of your soil and does not drain into it, you may have soil that is far too tough – compacted soil. You may also have poor drainage, which can be caused by an excess of clay in your soil.

If your plants seem to have stunted growth and will not flourish, even if your soil seems to be well-drained, you may have trouble with soil pH and nutrients. Check out your soil pH using a home test kit. While vegetables can be happy in soil that is slightly acidic, try to avoid very acidic soils under a pH of 5.5 or alkaline soils above 8. Plants thrive in the center and prefer not to grow in extremes.

Soil nutrient levels may also be the reason behind poor plant growth. While you may fertilize with natural or artificial fertilizers, these fertilizers often include nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium but no trace minerals. Trace minerals are also essential to plant growth and can make the difference between an insipid-looking garden and a stunning one.

Compost Can Help Solve Common Soil Problems

While composting isn’t the answer to every garden question, it is certainly the answer to many of them! Compost is an excellent soil amendment. The light compost can be mixed with garden soil to improve the soil structure and drainage using light, organic-rich natural materials. For gardens with pooling water, this helps the water drain. Compost also acts as an erosion control when used as a top-dressing, preserving soil nutrients.

Gardens with a poor pH and lack of soil nutrients will also benefit from an infusion of compost, which is full of soil microbes that make soil nutrients more available to plants. It tends to be an ideal pH for most gardens and can shift the soil pH balance in a more favorable direction. Compost is also full of trace minerals and the essential big three fertilizer elements for the garden.

Adding compost to a garden bed is one of the most valuable things that you can do as a gardener. Compost acts as a soil amendment and a fertilizer. It creates gardens that are more resilient to disease. If your garden looks like it needs healthier soil, begin by adding compost to the garden beds.

Lars Handley is a master composter based in Dallas, Texas. Want to learn more? Visit his Composting site to learn every aspect of making compost. Don’t miss the Composting Q&A page where you can ask a question and get a personal response.