By making just a few changes in your daily routine, your family and the environment will prosper! Green Living is the trend of today to ensure our tomorrow! Here’s an easy to follow list of ideas-try them out today!

A is for Apple. Pick apples at a local orchard during apple season, and save the transportation and fuel costs of transporting them from afar. The same goes for all produce.

B is for Beauty. Use organic cosmetics and products.

C is for Cycling, as in Bicycling. Turn off the car and bike to work on a nice day.

D is for De-stressing. A stress free environment is what we are all striving for.

E is for Environment. Love the planet and it will reward you.

F is for Free Range. Free Range meat and products contain no chemicals and are healthier for you.

G is for Garages. Let’s store our new hybrid vehicle in the garage!

H is for Heating. Use a programmable thermostat and drop the temperature a couple of degrees. Your wallet will thank you also.

I is for Immaculate. Clean your house with organic products and enjoy the immaculate look and lack of fragrance. Clean does not have a lemony pine scent!

J is for Junk. Reduce, Recycle, and Reuse your junk whenever possible.

K is for Kids. All of these little steps will improve the earth for our kids.

L is for Light Bulb. Use compact fluorescent light bulbs. Save energy. Save money.

M is for Milk. Use hormone-free dairy products, and buy your milk in glass bottles- reuseable!

N is for No. Say no to pesticides and plant foods. Try gardening the old fashioned way!

O is for Oxygen. Plant a tree and reduce your use of non-recycled paper.

P is for Paper. Use less napkins, paper towels, and forego paper receipts. Save a tree!

Q is for Quick Thinking. At the grocery, when asked “paper or plastic bag?” reply with a “no, thank you- I have my own recycled canvas bag!”

R is for Recycle. Reduce. Reuse. Become an expert!

S is for Seek. Seek out new ways to help the environment.

T is for Trying. Try just one today, and the future will look brighter.

U is for Unique. Buy unique gifts that are organic and give a friend a smile.

V is for Very Important. Even the smallest change is needed.

W is for Water. Drink from reuseable water bottles. Ditch the disposable whenever possible.

X is for X-box. Turn off and unplug your electronics when you are not using them.

Y is for You. Do what you can to help and nothing is too small.

Z is for Everybody. If we all take some small steps, we can make a difference! Plant a tree today!

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From intense business meetings to intimidating corporate boardrooms, its no surprise that many professionals escape to massage clinics and day spas to relieve the stress of a long, tiresome work week. Not too long ago, two brothers took this transition from stress to wellness. Literally.

Born and raised in Short Hills, New Jersey, brothers Jeff and Bob Weisman began their business adventure as CPAs for well-known accounting firms. Soon after, they went back to their roots as entrepreneurs in the office distribution business. We grew up around business entrepreneurship; our father owned his own business so it runs in our blood, said Bob. Seventeen years later, they found themselves searching for something more exciting and less risky than a startup.

Interested in franchise, but not necessarily the food industry, Bob saw Massage Envy as a happy medium between entrepreneurship and their lifestyle of health and wellness. After selling to 3M, we originally retired, but later we decided on buying a franchise, explained Bob. Jeff moved out to Scottsdale, Arizona and I live in New Jersey on a farm with cattle, still raising my family. I know New Jersey very well and I just wanted to develop it!

The Massage Envy Spas in Florham Park and Staten Island just celebrated their 5-year anniversary this past November. In response to their franchises success, the Weisman brothers attribute it to quality customer satisfaction. A great massage is relative; we take the time to match up what a customer wants, to the type of therapies we offer, said Bob. By any chance we do receive a negative review, we address it and learn from it. That is what sets us apart. In response to why residents should visit: There should be no excuse to not pamper yourself! Most Massage Envy locations are open until later in the evening; all it takes is one hour!

Massage Envy Spa Florham Park is located at 184 Columbia Turnpike in Florham Park, New Jersey. For further information regarding the services offered at this location, visist or call (973) 822-2300.

Massage Envy Staten Island is located at 280 Marsh Avenue in Staten Island, New York. For further information regarding the services at this location, visit or call (718) 477-2800.

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Well, you do not look young anymore and friends call you “grandpa” because of the lack of hair on top of the head. Sucks I know! Recently learned some interesting facts in the Hair Loss Black Bookabout hair loss and how to re-grow hair on the ole noggin.

Sounds like a bunch of BS that we have all heard before, or is it? Please read the rest of this article before you judge, keep an open mind. I think it is fair to say that drug companies and big corporations know the art of “sales”, right? Take Rogaine for instance, it works by thickening the brittle thin hairs you have left (does not re-grow new hair) thus by making the hair appear thicker and fuller.

BUT, if you stop using it the newly woken up hairs will start to die off. So, you need to use this product for life and keep buying it every month. That is good business yeah? The Hair Loss Black Book will show you ways to do the same thing without the expense.

What the Hair Loss Black Book reveals are ways to block DHT and start the regeneration process again. DHT is what causes hair to fall out in men and in women. Know how to block it and the hair stays put. Of course there is no money in promoting this, so that is why it is kept under wraps. Much like expensive cleaners that cost twenty bucks only to have a one dollar household cleanser do the job better. Think about that for a minute.

The really strange thing is that just changing your diet and exercise regimen can trigger hair regrowth, it’s true. The hair follicle that refuses to grow anymore hair is being blocked by DHT, unblock it and the hair will come alive again and out of its dormant stage.

Why do men with hairy bodies go bald? Hair all over the place but bald on top, looks silly. Too much testosterone is the answer and DHT mixing together. Perhaps one of God’s greatest jokes on human kind. We never see a bald gorilla do we? So whats going on is more than you think.

If you are sick of looking like a creep with your bald head then check out my blog belowfor more facts and info on hair loss.

Check out this Hair Loss Black Book reviewand see if it may be of help to your rapidly thinning hair.