If you’re like most men, one of the primary goals you have each and every time you hit the gym is gaining a new sense of leanness.  You don’t just want to create a muscular body, what you’re looking for is to achieve a state of being ripped where you can see maximum muscle definition and turn heads everywhere.

So how do you go about doing this?  What are the secrets to getting ripped quickly?

Let’s give you a few pointers to get you started.

Eat Plenty Of Lean Protein

The very first tip you must abide by if you want to get ripped is to eat plenty of lean protein.  Lean protein is what will increase your metabolic rate, save your lean muscle mass, and ensure that you get that chiselled set of abs that you’re looking for.

Those who don’t get enough protein in their diet often end up looking soft rather than hard, so it’s a must to focus on for success.

Drink More Water

Second, you also should be aiming to drink as much water as you possibly can.  Don’t let yourself waste calories on beverages that will only set you back.  Staying well hydrated with at least ten glasses of water is the thing to do to achieve utmost leanness.

Water is not only going to flush the body of toxic build-up but it’s also going to help to banish any bloat that might be taking place.

Balance Exercise With Rest

One big mistake some guys make in their quest to get ripped is doing far too much exercise and not balancing this with rest.

Remember, some exercise is good but more is not better.  If you’re spending too much time in the gym and not enough time recovering, overtraining will set in.

If you become overtrained, you’re going to experience inflammation throughout the body and this can actually make you look puffy rather than lean and defined.

Get Metabolism Support

Maintaining a fast metabolism will also be important for burning off enough calories throughout the day and making good progress.  To keep your metabolism humming along, use a metabolic support product.

Phen375 accomplishes this very nicely and will also increase your energy levels as well so that you can give more to each workout session you do.


Finally, make sure that you commit to persevere with this goal.  Getting ripped isn’t something that’s going to happen overnight, but if you do carry out the proper action plan, it can happen a lot faster than you think.

As long as you have realistic expectations and are willing to put in some work, there is no reason why you can’t reach this goal.

So there you have the main things to keep in mind if you’re looking to attain a new state of leanness that you’ve never discovered before. Get your action plan in place and you’ll be on your way to your new body.

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You can’t see it, hear it, feel it or smell it; yet it governs our lives and dictates almost our every move from when to get up to when we are asleep. It can be measured highly accurately by atomic clocks and yet time is one of the Universes most peculiar aspects.

It has only been since the work of Einstein and his special relativity at the turn of the last century that we have begun to gather an understanding at what time is. Thanks to Einstein and others that followed his work our understanding of time has led to new technologies such as computers, satellite navigation, network time servers (computer synchronisation devices) and atomic clocks.

However, the theories developed following Einstein’s work have unearthed some amazing and freakish facts about time – here are five things you perhaps didn’t know about time:

5. Time hasn’t always existed; it started at the moment of the big bang but before then there was no time (just as there was no universe). If the universe finally contracts (in what some theorists call the big crunch) and the universe returned to a single point in space (singularity) then time would come to an end (along with everything else in the universe).

4. Time is not a constant as was first thought (by Issac Newton amongst others), thank to Einstein we now know time is relative and will be vary to different observers depending on their position and speed. The faster an observer is going the more time slows down and close to the speed of light (in a vacuum which is the only constant in a universe) time will virtually stand still making a million year long journey whizz by in seconds this is know as time dilation.

3. Time isn’t an individual component of the universe it is in fact part of the very fabric of space and is intertwined in what Einstein called a four-dimensional space time.

2. Space time can be ‘warped’ by gravity which in effect slows down time that means the more gravity there is, the slower time will pass. Interestingly this has been measures to such a tiny degree by atomic clocks and means that your feet are in fact younger than the top of your head.

1. Time travel is not just a fantasy invented by science fiction writers but in fact time travel is theoretically possible according to modern physicists although critics argue our technology will never be advanced enough to achieve it, otherwise where are all the time travellers from the future?

Atomic clocks mean we can now measure time incredibly accurately (to within a second every 100 million years). Modern computer networks use NTP servers (network time protocol) to synchronize to an atomic clock which allows computers all over the world to communicate in perfect time synchronization.

Richard N Williams is a technical author and specialist in atomic clocks, telecommunications, NTP and network time synchronisation helping to develop dedicated NTP clocks. Please visit us for more information about a Galleon ntp time server or other ntp server solutions.