Ferret facts will help breeders and pet owners in determining what is good and bad for their pet. They are so silent and small that you almost not notice them when they approach. This is the reason why most of them are stepped on while sleeping under a throw rug. Their inherent curiosity always put them in dangerous situations. You could find them crawling under the refrigerator, under a stove and even find them sleeping together with the clothes in the washing machine. They also love tunnelling and sleeping in reclining chairs and sofa beds. Knowing these ferret facts will help avoid injury and accident as well as being constantly vigilant and learning their habits.

Ferrets just like other animal are also susceptible to diseases. Ferret facts conclude that they are vulnerable to canine distempter and heat periods. Canine distempter is almost fatal when it infects ferrets. Ten to twelve days following to the exposure from the virus, rashes could be noticed in the groin area and under the chin. There is also a pus-laden discharge from the nostrils and eyes. It is ideal to give your kits a vaccine against canine distempter to avoid infection.

Sustained sexual heat for female ferrets that last for 160 days is life-threatening and dangerous. This will result in bone marrow suppression and severe anemia because of the deficiency in white blood cells circulating in the body. Ferrets are also vulnerable to rabies and can transmit the virus that is why giving them vaccine will reduce the risk.

Ferrets are not destructive to most household items but have a tendency to chew soft rubber that can be impacted in their intestines. It is threatening to your ferret’s life if they ingested pieces of kitchen gloves that have household chemicals. Do not let your ferrets play latex rubber toys because once ingested it may cause intestinal obstructions.

However, almost all books that provide ferret facts do not fairly emphasize the health issues. Sometimes the information is not enough to respond the queries ferret owners ask. You can find for some alternatives where you can ask for ferret facts such as animal trainer and breeder for a long time. They can give you valuable ferret facts that will be helpful as you raise this happy creature. Giving them appropriate living condition and providing their necessities will not only make them healthy but also double their life span.

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