In the freezing winter, how to keep healthy is quite important. In the meantime, keeping the health of feet is extremely significant, especially for women. Why? As we all know, in the chilly winter, the cold air decreases the ground temperature very quickly. However, our feet touch the ground directly. Therefore, the declining speed of our feet temperature is much faster than other parts of our bodies. What is worse, the tissue of our feet is short of fat, which results the blood capillary in spasm, peliona, hydroncus, ache and that sort of symptoms. Thus, how to keep the feet healthy is really important, isn’t it?

 Today, I want to give several tips for you about protecting our feet in the cold winter.
A pair of snow boots with thick furs comes first. In fact, the shoes that we wear play a vital role in protecting our feet. Then, a pair of snow boots, which is quite popular in recent, is the perfect choice. They have a fine function to prevent the coldness. Of course, please remember one point: do not wear a pair of too tight boots, which will hinder the blood circulation of our feet. If the blood circulation of our feet is unobstructed, then, it will be effective to keep our feet warm.
Secondly, massage your feet as possible as you can. Massage can eliminate the fatigue and improve the immunity of the feet. Fifteen to twenty minutes every day will be fine.
Then, soaking your feet in warm water is also quite necessary. This method can promote the angiectasis, speed the blood circulation as well as strengthen the ability of protection against cold. Ten minutes every day is good enough.
Next, exercising more often is another feasible way. The easiest one is to have a one-hour walk every day. Others, such as jogging, playing balls, climbing mountains and so on, are also working well. All of these exercises can improve your body immunity, including your feet.
The last but not the least is our daily diet. A healthy diet contains milk, egg, soybean products, vegetables, fruits, meat, grains and enough water. The healthier food you take in, the stronger and better constitution you will own. Never eat junk foods and keep a good habit of three meals a day.
If you can follow what I have mentioned healthy tips for the feet, I am sure your feet will work quite well in every winter however cold it is. Then, please start right now to give a better protection for your feet.

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