Traditionally, therapists all over the world are known to have face-to-face counseling session with their patients. But it would ultimately turn out that almost half of such patients would quit after a few meetings. In order to overcome this barrier that prevents them from providing effective wellness services, many health and wellness professionals such as Counselor Portland, have now commenced to provide all their services over the telephone.

The use of telephone as a tool in counseling and psychotherapy have grown to be increasingly popular among people, especially with busy working sect of the population, who are undergoing tremendous pressure in their work life and thereby requiring a much larger need for therapy. The biggest issue for such people is the lack of time to be effectively practicing therapy and the use of telephone is sure a blessing to help them solve their issues. Counselor Portland believes that the use of telephone for therapy has unique and effective payoffs.

How Does It Work?

1. The client can browse the profiles of all professional and licensed therapists practicing telephone therapy and understand their areas of strength and focus.

2. Make a choice on the most suitable counselor for their needs and check their availability schedule.

3. Choose a time that is both convenient to the counselor as well as yourself.

4. Once the time is chosen, the therapist will then call you when the scheduled time arrives to the number you provide when you sign up for the therapy.

Benefits of Telephone Therapy

– It is not restricted or constrained by time or location boundaries. Whether you are traveling or working or not feeling too well, the therapy can always go on at any time of the day to suit your convenience. Moreover, the privacy of the client is maintained as the patient can take the call from the comfort of their own homes. Counselor Portland provides a therapy that adapts and flexes according to your schedule and needs.

– Clients who have undergone telephone therapy in recent times have all been surprised by the remarkable results and changes achieved. It enables the clients to feel more independent, responsible and causes improved interpersonal skills and better decision making.

– There are numerous guidelines and compliances set by the states in which telephone therapy is practiced. All organizations such as Counselor Portland have to make sure all compliances are met in order to conduct telephone therapies for their clients.

– The biggest benefit of telephone therapy is felt by people who are homebound, geographically isolated and other clients who simply refuse local treatment. There are also benefits to the elderly, celebrities, socially introverted people and socially phobic people.

With such a simple procedure to sign up and enormous benefits, telephone therapy is the most sought after form of treatment by people. Counselor Portland provides exclusive services to its clients by ensuring that all their therapists are licensed by the United States and meet all the requirements of their State Licensing Boards. The clients are provided with the belief and assurance of working with highly qualified and experienced therapists.


The benefits of telephone therapy provided by Counselor Portland are tremendously effective for people going through any challenging times in their life and aid them achieve their goals!

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