Wellness Programme:

In between getting up from the bed and returning to bed at night, each of us performs different types of actions to earn and maintain our livelihood. In a quest to achieve all the happiness of life, we tend to ignore basic needs of our body and work beyond our strength. Changed lifestyle, excess of working hours, job stress, irregular food habits etc add to our worries making us prone to physical and mental illness. Though a change in working hours and work pressure is hardly possible, to avoid being ill change in our food habits and also maintaining a lifestyle that will suit our own health will do wonders in keeping us fit and energetic and will also increase our immunity against disease.

Here are some guidelines to be followed daily by all individuals as a part of wellness regimen:

During morning period:

Get up early at least one hour before sunrise. Feeling of freshness and energetic after awakening is a good indicator of adequate sleep. Try and make it a habit of getting early to bed in night and getting up early in the morning.
Go to toilet immediately after getting up in morning. Habit of clearing bowels daily early morning is very useful for maintaining health and every person should aim the same. Avoid suppression of natural urges of urine, stools etc. Also avoid straining at stools.
Brush your teeth with herbal stick bitter and astringent in taste like neem etc. It would help in cleansing mouth and also improve mouth taste. Instead of using commercially available toothpaste, which is sweet in taste, herbal powder or stick could be used for more effective mouth cleansing and will also improve dental care. Wash the mouth thoroughly with water after brushing the teeth and drink a glass of water preferably kept in a clean copper vessel. Also brushing the teeth and washing mouth after meals is important.
Also scrap the tongue with a tongue cleaner after washing the mouth.
Person suffering from vomiting, asthma, cardiac disease, facial paralysis etc should not use herbal stick bitter in taste.
Then, sleeping on a bed with a head-low position put 4-5 drops of “ANU OIL” in both nostrils and inhale deeply. These medicated nasal drops are helpful in the increasing immune power of upper respiratory tract. It provides nourishment to vital organs of head, increasing power of vision, give strength to hair roots and hair follicles and also improve quality of voice. For daily use, use of medicated ghee is also useful and physician’s advice is recommendable.
After nasal drops, use of gargling and herbal smoke is beneficial as mucous may be secreted in excess quantity due to stimulant action of nasal drops. Use of lukewarm water is useful for gargling.
Mouthful of sesame oil carried out for 2-5 min daily will help to improve dental care and will provide strength to gums and teeth.
Massage: Full body oil massage is must to reduce daily wear and tear of body. With lack of leisure time available, at least oil should be applied daily over head, ears and feet to nourish them.
After oil massage, light physical exercise, yoga etc should be done depending on individual capacity. Regular exercise is must for healthy life. Strenuous exercise should be avoided. After exercise, deep massages over body help in relaxation.
Then dry herbal powder like that of triphala, sandalwood etc should be applied all over the body before bath.
Bath: As per climatic conditions hot or cold water could be used for bath. Avoid pouring hot water over head and use of soap is not recommended as it contains chemicals and increase dryness of skin.
Always use fresh and clean clothes suitable to climatic conditions.
Students should make use of early morning period for their studies as concentration power is high and study could be easily remembered.
Light breakfast, with cup of tea or coffee or a glass of milk or some fruits is advisable before going to work as per individual liking.

During afternoon period:

Remember there should be a gap of minimum three hours but not more than six hours between morning breakfast-lunch, lunch-evening breakfast, evening-tea and dinner.
Maintain a regular time for lunch daily as far as possible. Try to get lunch before 1 pm for proper digestion.
Avoid drinking water before lunch. Also avoid drinking too much water during meals as it will affect digestion. Cold water is not useful for digestion. A glass of buttermilk during or after meals is helpful for digestion.
Avoid food heavy to digest, as it will make you feel drowsy.
Food should be freshly prepared and as per one’s own liking. It should not be too spicy. As far as possible avoid canned food, frozen food, fast food or regular use of bread etc during lunch.
Avoid sleeping in the afternoon especially after lunch. Person’s working on night duties should sleep for sometime before lunch to get adequate rest.
Avoid strenuous work, running excess of walking or climbing stairs up and down etc immediately after taking lunch, as it will affect digestion of food.
Avoid eating too slow or too fast. Chew the food properly and avoid talking or carrying out work during lunch.
Avoid excess of tea or coffee at work or home. Tea or coffee more than 2-3 times a day is not advisable. Also avoid drinking glass of water before taking tea.
It is a good habit to always clean your hands and legs before meals.
Light breakfast in the evening is recommendable depending upon hunger. Avoid eating too much, as it will affect your dinner.
Cold or hot water bath after returning from work is useful for feeling fresh and alleviating mood. Other methods of relaxation like meditation, listening to light instrumental music or reading books is advisable.

During night period:

Dinner should be as early as possible. Avoid late night dinner and parties.
Dinner should be light and easily digestible. Avoid eating too much at night.
Food should be fresh and cold food or food cooked in the morning should be avoided.
Drink little water during meals so that it won’t affect digestion. Lukewarm water will be more beneficial.
Use of alcohol before or after meal either be avoided or as per physician’s advice.
Avoid sleeping immediately after dinner. Instead, try to go for a small night walk.
Late night sleeping is not at all useful health. 6-7 hours of regular sleep at night is necessary for mind and body relaxation.
Betel leaves with catechu, cardamom, clove etc helps in proper digestion of food.
Glass of milk with addition of sugar to it is useful to promote sleep.
Application of almond oil or other medicated oil before sleep is beneficial.
Married couples should adjust frequency of sexual intercourse as per prevailing climatic conditions and individual health with maximum frequency in winter and minimum in summer and rainy season. Strictly avoid extra-marital sex partner.
Try and go to bed as early as possible. Remember almighty before going to sleep. Mutually contemplate on your actions throughout the day and ponder if you have committed any mistake or wrong deed either knowingly or unknowingly. If so resolve not to repeat the same.
Students should study for sometime during night before going to sleep.


Always try to remain calm, cheerful and tension free throughout the day.
Do not yield to anger, worry, fear, greed etc at home or at work.
Do not think ill or be jealous to others.
Do not commit sinful and illegal activities.
Speak, as much is needed. Avoid using harsh words during speaking. Do not unnecessarily criticize others while speaking.
Make friends who are of same intellectual level as you. Always respect others irrespective of age of the person.
Help others in whichever way possible.
Do earn wealth but only by proper means. Be content with what you have. Remember satisfaction is the greatest wealth.

Wellness Concept

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