With the right diet anybody can ensure healthier life, in particularly people suffering from increased level of cholesterol. Balanced cholesterol diet and healthy living are very much related to one another. People suffering from high cholesterol should take balanced diet as recommended by the dietician or physician. This is how; they can ensure better living and healthier life for longer.

Though cholesterol is typically required in the body and hence is naturally synthesized, the rise in its level could prove detrimental to people’s health, most commonly affecting heart and arteries carrying blood. The increase in the level of cholesterol in blood is termed as Hypercholesterolemia, which is an indicator of increase in the level of LDL, which is also termed as bad cholesterol. However, to fight with the bad cholesterol, people should increase the level of good cholesterol in their body, which is HDL. Sadly HDL is not synthesized in our body and only be taken additionally through the cholesterol diet or in the form of a health supplement. Control over diet is the best way to deal with all the risks coming along with the rise in cholesterol level.

Most of the people know that the best control for cholesterol is to refrain from fried and oily food. Cutting down on the consumption of the dairy products could also enable control over increasing level of cholesterol in blood. But above all, one needs to know as to what is the right diet for cholesterol control. It is the unsaturated fat that gets accumulated as cholesterol and may block arteries and valves of heart, thus causing heart attacks and cardiac infarction. Omega 3 fatty acids have been known to fight with the bad cholesterol by increasing the level of good cholesterol that is, HDL in the blood. It is also available in the form of medicines and health supplements as well. In addition to it following cholesterol diet should be followed for best results.

Refraining from fried food, however, sunflower oil, Soyabean oils are permitted
Red meat is very rich in cholesterol, hence should be avoided. Fish meat and chicken could however be taken.
Fresh and seasonal fruits could be taken, avoiding canned or dry fruits like cashew and almonds will be better.
Food rich in natural fibers could help reduce the LDL to great extent. Pulses and lentils are good as they also provide fiber.
Additional supplements like Omega 3 capsules could boost the body with HDL.
Whole grains are recommended for people desirous of cholesterol control. Brown rice is also good as it is very low in cholesterol.
Nuts and seeds are also preferred.

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