Well, you do not look young anymore and friends call you “grandpa” because of the lack of hair on top of the head. Sucks I know! Recently learned some interesting facts in the Hair Loss Black Bookabout hair loss and how to re-grow hair on the ole noggin.

Sounds like a bunch of BS that we have all heard before, or is it? Please read the rest of this article before you judge, keep an open mind. I think it is fair to say that drug companies and big corporations know the art of “sales”, right? Take Rogaine for instance, it works by thickening the brittle thin hairs you have left (does not re-grow new hair) thus by making the hair appear thicker and fuller.

BUT, if you stop using it the newly woken up hairs will start to die off. So, you need to use this product for life and keep buying it every month. That is good business yeah? The Hair Loss Black Book will show you ways to do the same thing without the expense.

What the Hair Loss Black Book reveals are ways to block DHT and start the regeneration process again. DHT is what causes hair to fall out in men and in women. Know how to block it and the hair stays put. Of course there is no money in promoting this, so that is why it is kept under wraps. Much like expensive cleaners that cost twenty bucks only to have a one dollar household cleanser do the job better. Think about that for a minute.

The really strange thing is that just changing your diet and exercise regimen can trigger hair regrowth, it’s true. The hair follicle that refuses to grow anymore hair is being blocked by DHT, unblock it and the hair will come alive again and out of its dormant stage.

Why do men with hairy bodies go bald? Hair all over the place but bald on top, looks silly. Too much testosterone is the answer and DHT mixing together. Perhaps one of God’s greatest jokes on human kind. We never see a bald gorilla do we? So whats going on is more than you think.

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