As like others you and I both want to enjoy this new year 2011 rather than 2010 and for that we have to follow some of the best natural health tips which I listed below, based on my previous Internet research and came from many other resources.

Life is not in your hands, but in your heart. Knowing the number of heartbeats per minute (resting heart rate) is one way to predict the age. In a study published in the New England Journal of Medicine stated, a man who has a resting heart rate above 75 beats per minute (bpm) have three times greater risk of heart attack. Normal pulse is 65 bpm.

“When you do a cardio workout with low intensity and add a high intensity every two weeks, the heart rate per minute will be reduced.” Do exercise at least 30 minutes with 60-80 percent of the maximum amount of heart rate.

Fasting blood sugar levels is a sign of whether there is any risk of diabetes. The higher your blood sugar levels, the greater the risk of developing diabetes. “People with diabetes have a greater risk of heart disease, kidney, and eye disorders.”

To reduce levels of fasting blood sugar, we need to increase the body’s ability to use blood sugar, or in other words to increase insulin sensitivity. The best way to achieve this is to reduce weight.

Foods that came into any types of process are bad for your health. This includes ham, hotdogs, bacons, potato chips, hamburgers and canned goods. These processed food products can cause cancer, heart diseases and many other sickness known to man. So if you want to have a healthy year, avoid processed foods.

Natural foods are known to have more beneficial health effects. It is still much advisable that we consume natural products than artificially made foods such as fruit juice drinks and canned fruit cocktails. Fruits and vegetables can easily be bought in any local market, why eat artificial foods if you can eat natural products which are better health wise? You decide!

Stressful way of life are not just bad for your health but also can affect your relationship with your family. Pinpoint the things that you think are causing you stress and formulate a plan to prevent it from affecting your life. This can prevent you from being sick and helps make your relationships stronger and happy.

Exercise improves both physical and mental conditioning. One of the leading theories as to why people develop diseases in the joints and bones is because of chronic disuse. Doing things like walking, simple stretching exercise, and light weight training can go a long way towards keeping the body limber and strong. Mental exercise is equally important for maintaining and even improving your mental faculties. Challenging your mind with puzzles, logic games, or learning another language can keep the mind elastic and help stave off degenerative neurological diseases like Alzheimer’s or dementia that can harm your senior health.

Nurit Shetty is the one of the Blogger Beginner, Health Conscious and Owner of Health Care Tips and Health Tips Blog.